HELENBURGH'S MP has branded the Prime Minister a "disgrace" after Boris Johnson admitted attending a gathering in the garden at Downing Street during the first Covid lockdown.

Mr Johnson confirmed he did attend the May 2020 gathering but insisted he was under the impression it was a "work event". 

Reports of two further alleged gatherings, said to have been held at Downing Street on the night before Prince Philip's funeral in April 2021, emerged yesterday.

These would have taken place during a time when indoor gatherings were banned under Covid regulations. 

Mr Johnson was not in attendance at the events in April of last year, according to reports. 

A statement was issued on Friday announcing that Downing Street officials had apologised to their Buckingham Palace counterparts for the latter gatherings.

Brendan O'Hara MP, representative for Argyll and Bute, described the Prime Minister's actions as "shocking and offensive". 

He said: "Just when you thought that the Prime Minister’s behaviour couldn’t get any more shocking and offensive, we now find that Downing Street has been used to host even more illegal parties during a period of national lockdown – including two on the night before Prince Philip’s funeral.

"There is no doubt that Boris Johnson has thoroughly degraded the office of Prime Minister. It really does beg the question: how much lower can this man go? How much more of an embarrassment and a disgrace does he have to become before he does the decent thing and resigns?

"But if, as I suspect, he is completely incapable of doing the right thing for himself, surely, if only for reasons of self-interest, the Conservative Party have now got to remove this man from office."

Residents across Helensburgh shared their thoughts on the reported gatherings and told of what they were doing on the days they are said to have been held. 

One person said: "Just finished an intense two months delivering a fully functional Covid hospital with an amazing team.

"Was shattered physically and mentally and praying it was never to be used."

Another added that they were working for the NHS at the time, taking Covid-related calls and that they were receiving up to "80 calls in a 10-hour shift". 

An inquiry into the events, headed by senior civil servant Sue Gray, is ongoing.