FACE-TO-FACE appointments at Kilcreggan Medical Centre have been temporarily suspended due to the impact of Covid on practice staff.

The centre posted a statement on social media on Tuesday announcing that two members of staff – including one of the doctors, Dr Donal Murray – were required to isolate at home, forcing the remaining staff to "try and re-jig things for the next few days".

Following initial calls with patients, staff are deciding whether follow-ups can be managed through a nursing review at the practice, a 'near me' video review, or a face-to-face appointment at the Millig Practice in Helensburgh, where staff have agreed to step in to help.

A spokesperson for the Kilcreggan practice said: "We are continuing to try and find a locum GP to assist but sadly at present many of our colleagues have also run into similar problems.

"We are genuinely sorry, but this has been a perfect storm and we are trying our best to restore normality as soon as we can."

Medication requests are being managed as usual.