OUR latest community column is written by Norman Muir, convenor of Helensburgh Community Council (HCC).

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WITH the announcement this week that most Covid restrictions in Scotland are to be eased from Monday, it appears that the pandemic has reached a stage that will allow us to regain a semblance of normality.

This cautionary news means that the community council can renew our efforts in moving forward initiatives that have lain dormant in the past two years.

We enjoy a wide variety of community, sports, social, environmental, arts and music groups in the town who require support through membership or voluntary assistance. Harnessing this latent energy is the challenge we all face.

A volunteer and ‘can do’ attitude have always been evident in Helensburgh and these, added to our self-reliance and positive nature, will make a difference to our quality of life.

Following on from the above, the Community Council has been developing a community view of how Helensburgh should look in the future - a Vision for Helensburgh.

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Despite Covid, we have amassed a considerable database over the past couple of years which now needs to be refreshed and strengthened.

Our intention is to hold an exhibition in the Victoria Halls in early March and invite as many community groups as are able to participate. We would also like to encourage as many of the community as possible to attend. Further details will be forthcoming.

In preparation for a reasonable summer, we are going to conduct a survey of the placement and efficiency of the current litter bin distribution in the town.

This arises from a Plastic Free Helensburgh litter survey last year which highlighted a number of litter issues in the town. We shall then liaise with Argyll and Bute Council to resolve any problem areas.

The community is required to comment on a considerable number of consultations and surveys every year.

Two currently under way are on the Helensburgh-Cardross-Dumbarton cycle path route and on Argyll and Bute Council’s education change programme.

The Community Council responds to such consultations as a corporate body but a more rounded inclusive community assessment is difficult to define. It would be extremely useful if individuals who undertake these surveys could let HCC know in general terms their feelings on the subject through our website. This would allow a more composite community response picture to be built.