In our newspapers, on television, on the web and on social media platforms, on a daily basis, we are seeing horrific scenes and images from Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s invasion is destroying lives in both Ukraine and in Russia, and we must do everything we can do stop him.

The situation is developing quickly, but so is the UK’s response. The UK Government has set up an expansive Ukrainian Family Scheme, which enables British nationals and Ukrainians who already settled in the UK to bring a wide group of family members to the country, including parents, grandparents, children and siblings.

The UK is also setting up a humanitarian sponsorship pathway for those who may not have family ties in the UK but who can receive assistance from individuals, charities, businesses and community groups.

For this scheme, 100,000 Britons have already expressed interest in providing a space in their homes for Ukrainians fleeing the terror in their country.

We should also be very proud that the UK is the largest bilateral humanitarian donor, with almost £400 million of total support announced so far for necessities and medical supplies.

In addition to helping all those who we can, the UK has joined with 141 countries to condemn Putin’s actions at the United Nations, and along with 38 other countries, has referred the invasion to the International Criminal Court.

This diplomatic pressure is being strengthened by a robust regime of sanctions. The UK has excluded Russian banks from SWIFT, frozen more than £300 billion in Russian bank assets and created a register of overseas entities to crack down on oligarchs.

The UK has also committed to phasing out Russian oil imports by the end of the year.

Most importantly, the UK is leading the way in military aid to Ukraine, and has already sent more than two thousand anti-armour missiles. The Prime Minister has also made it clear that our military assistance to Ukraine will be ongoing and will continue to grow.

The UK is working closely with NATO, the United States and our European allies to ensure Putin’s invasion fails, and that Ukraine remains a sovereign and free country.

It is my hope that this conflict can be brought to an end quickly. What is clear right now, however, is that Putin remains determined and that we, in turn, must continue to show resolve in the face of Putin’s terror.

I am sure you will all join me in the hope that justice and peace prevail.