Threadbare rail timetables to and from Helensburgh have been revealed for next week as a series of crippling strikes look set to reduce train travel to a minimum.

ScotRail's timetable is already cut back because of disputes with ASLEF union members, but a national strike by members of the RMT union will bring a halt to almost all rail travel in Scotland on three days next week.

There will be no trains at all to or from Helensburgh Central, or any of the railway stations in Helensburgh and Lomond, if the RMT's stikes go ahead on Tuesday, June 21, Wednesday, June 23 and Saturday, June 25.

And ScotRail has now published details of amendments to the already-temporary timetable across its network.

Those amendments will apply on Wednesday, June 22 and Friday, June 24.

The changes to the timetable to and from Helensburgh Central are as follows. 

0554 Helensburgh Central-Edinburgh – CANCELLED throughout

0635 Airdrie-Helensburgh Central – CANCELLED throughout

0649 Dalmuir-Helensburgh Central – CANCELLED throughout

0654 Helensburgh Central-Edinburgh - CANCELLED between Helensburgh and Garscadden, runs from Garscadden to Edinburgh only

That means that under the temporary timetable in place as a result of the ASLEF dispute, the first eastbound train from Helensburgh Central on both June 22 and June 24 will depart at 0722.

Services will run half-hourly from then until 1853, then at 1932 (as far as Bathgate) and 2002 (to Edinburgh).

Westbound services will run at the following times.

Edinburgh-Helensburgh: 0749, 0807, 0841, 0909, 0939, 1008, 1040, 1107, 1138, 1208, 1239, 1307, 1340, 1407, 1440, 1508, 1541, 1608, 1649, 1720, 1741, 1805, 1839, 1953, 2052

Airdrie-Helensburgh: 0734

Bathgate-Helensburgh: 0740

Services on the West Highland line via Helensburgh Upper, Garelochhead and Arrochar & Tarbet will run to the normal ‘temporary’ timetable on both June 22 and June 24.

Click here for the full list of ScotRail services which will be cancelled or amended on June 22 and 24.

Click here for the full list of ScotRail services which will operate on those two dates.