Businesses and organisations in Helensburgh are being asked to support a campaign directed at Ukrainian women who have recently arrived in the area.

Argyll and Bute Violence Against Women Partnership has produced posters offering information and support.

The Partnership is now looking to display them in places where Ukrainian women who need help will see them in order to spread the information as far and wide as possible.

They contain details of organisations providing support and how to contact them.

The posters are available in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Helensburgh photographer Kath Polley, who represents UHI Argyll on the partnership and who worked on the project, said in a social media post: "It's not often I work on a project in the hope that nobody really needs to see it but that's very much the case here.

"I'm very grateful to Valentina Pimanova, Маргарита Никитская,and Sofia Perina-Miller for providing the initial translations and to all the groups for supplying the key content."

Those who would like to display copies are asked to contact