A MAN in his 60s hurled a cistern lid at a police officer after refusing treatment for a head injury in Helensburgh.

Brendan Gallagher fell and hurt his head in Sinclair Street on March 8, but turned down an ambulance crew’s attempt to help him.

A court heard that Gallagher had begun shouting and swearing after the ambulance crew called police for help, and then hurled racist abuse at one officer.

Gallagher appeared in the dock for sentencing after pleading guilty to charges of police assault, threatening or abusive behaviour, and destroying or damaging property.

The procurator fiscal depute at Dumbarton Sheriff Court described how Gallagher had begun shouting and swearing when police arrived, yelling “I’m going to do youse in” and “youse are getting it”.

He was arrested and put in the back of a police van, but kept up his aggressive behaviour, shouting at the police: “I’m going to kill youse”.

The 64-year-old then began throwing his arms around and later had to be restrained. During the journey to Clydebank police station he shouted towards an officer: “You black b*****d. You should go back to Nigeria.”

Gallagher was later taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley so that medics could examine the extent of his injury.

He asked to go to the bathroom, but when he got there he picked up the lid of a toilet cistern, tried to hit one of the officers with it and threw it towards them, causing the porcelain item to smash on the floor.

Gallagher’s defence solicitor told last week’s hearing: “It would do him no harm to give back to the hospital.”

Sheriff William Gallacher told the accused: “As far as this matter is concerned, you shouldn’t be in this situation at all.

“You got yourself so monumentally drunk that you were behaving outrageously. 

“There are other ways of dealing with you than sending you to custody, which is tempting given your attitude towards the police.”

Gallagher, of Crawford Path, Partick, was handed a community payback order for 15 months under social work supervision and with a conduct requirement to attend alcohol counselling when required.

He was also ordered to pay £50 to the hospital within 28 days.