PLANNING permission has been awarded to Helensburgh Cricket and Rugby Club for an outdoor bar and barbecue hut at its Ardencaple premises.

The club’s application also sought retrospective planning permission for an outdoor seating area with canopies and pergola.

The proposal for the Rhu Road Higher site attracted one representation from the public which expressed concerns about noise coming from the premises.

An Argyll and Bute Council planning officer said that environmental health had been consulted on the proposals, and conditions had been imposed as to the hours of operation and a noise management plan.

Use of the outdoor seating area will be limited to 10pm, Thursday to Sunday, from May to September, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The planning officer said in a handling report: “An outdoor bar and barbecue hut are proposed which are formed from a re-purposed shipping container with a footprint of approximately 28 square metres. The container will be clad externally with timber to soften its appearance.

“A mono-pitch singly ply roof structure is also proposed which will extend one metre forward of the principal elevation of the container to provide shelter.

“A mix of picnic style benches and tables are proposed, with a run of fixed gabion style benches (natural rock baskets with timber seating) to the western edge to delineate the seating area.

“A glazed 2.1m high (front ground level) wind break is proposed to the rear of the gabion benches. 3no. 4x6m by 2.3m high telescopic parasol style canopies are proposed to cover the seating area, these canopies will be finished in the Helensburgh Cricket and Rugby Club colours.

“Lastly, a PPC dark grey pergola with louvered roof (2.4 m high) and pull down side screen is proposed to the northern edge of the seating area.”

The officer added: “Whilst the proposal involves the erection of new structures, it is associated with, and will compliment and help to improve Helensburgh Cricket and Rugby Club’s existing outdoor recreation facilities.

“Furthermore, this policy also states that development may also accord with this policy where it can be demonstrated that the proposal will involve building directly supporting recreational use of land.

“It is therefore considered that the proposal accords with this policy. It is also noted that the new structures will be located on an existing area of hardstanding and will not take away from or have any effect on the sites sporting potential or amenity value.”