Young people across Helensburgh and Lomond can now access money-saving opportunities, financial information and tips on looking after their mental health all in one place.

The information hub was created following research by Young Scot which revealed 91 per cent of young people have already been impacted by the recent cost of living increases.

It provides a one-stop-shop for young people to access key financial information and support.

The hub, which will be updated continually during the cost of living crisis, includes information about matters like saving money, how to get free bus travel for under 22-year-olds and cheaper transport on trains and ferries, and support for young people who might be worried about the rapidly increasing cost of living. 

There is also information for young people about managing money, debt and budgeting for the future, in partnership with The Money and Pensions Service, and details on eligible benefits and how to make a claim.

Young Scot surveyed more than 400 young people (12 to 25-year-olds) in Scotland about their experience of saving, budgeting and spending money. 

Almost a third of the young people surveyed stated that the increases in the cost of things such as gas and electricity bills and food had impacted them to a great extent – with 54 people stating it had impacted on their lives completely.

As part of the research, a young person said to Young Scot: “The cost of living crisis has very much impacted me as I live in an already struggling household where money is a major worry.

"My sister has had to help pay any bills with the money she gets from university.”

Kirsten Urquhart, chief executive of Young Scot said: “Young people are already sharing with us their concerns and questions about the cost crisis – along with a desire to play their part in supporting households during this time.

“The importance of young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health, along with recognising the ability to live well and have fun, is also of paramount importance.

“As Scotland’s national youth information charity – we are providing quality-assured information for young people that helps to address their concerns. We’re sharing this using on our dedicated information hub and via our TikTok and Instagram channels."