With his debut novel set to hit shelves next week, a Helensburgh author is hoping his serial killer thriller will have readers up into the small hours.

Daniel Sellers’ book Murder In The Gallowgate will be released on November 15, realising his life-long dream of being a published crime fiction writer.

Having previously worked in adult education, Daniel signed a three-book deal with Joffe Books, one of the UK’s leading independent publishers, earlier this year.

He said: “I want people to say they couldn’t put it down, or they lost sleep, or they had nightmares.

“I would be pleased if the twist got them, but ultimately, I want them to be unable to put it down.”

The story follows DCI Lola Harris, a former hairdresser who picked up her questioning skills in the salon.

Set in Glasgow, the book sees Lola investigate a case with links to a mysterious death on a Scottish island in 1994.

Her character was inspired by a hairdresser Daniel, who is originally from Yorkshire, visited in Glasgow many years ago.

Daniel added: “In an ideal world, Lola would be able to stand behind her suspects when questioning them and look at them in a mirror, because she thinks that’s the key to getting the best information out of people.

“I had a conversation with a woman called Suzanne who used to cut my hair in Glasgow years and years ago. I used to ask if she had any good gossip.

“She said, ‘all I do is look at people in the mirror, touch their heads, and they start talking.’ That’s when it clicked for me.

“I haven’t been able to get in touch with her to tell her, but I think I’ve tracked her down now.

“She’s in the acknowledgements of the book too.”

The second book in the series is already well under way, with Daniel working towards a January deadline.

He expects the sequel to be released in summer next year.

Daniel said: “I got to the halfway point really well, and then I stopped – and I wish I hadn’t. I’m getting back into it now.

“The really reassuring thing is having other people’s eyes on the book.

“You do start to doubt yourself and get imposter syndrome while you’re writing. You think, ‘is this a load of mince?’.

“I feel more confident now being able to write scenes that demonstrate character and what’s going on inside people’s heads, without having to spell it out.

“There’s this rule in writing fiction that you should show and not tell, so I don’t tell as much. It makes for a much shorter, economical book.”

To celebrate the release, Harvest Moon Deli in Clynder is throwing a party for Daniel on Sunday, November 27.

Canapes will be on offer, as well as signed copies of the book.

The event will be ticketed, with bookings being taken via email at harvestmoondeli@hotmail.com.