A Helensburgh-based author hopes his recently published book can provide readers with little laughs when they need them.

Jim McKean released ‘Life Stories, The Odd Bits’ on October 31, and says the feedback has been positive so far.

Published under the pseudonym ‘Daft Wee Jimmy’, the book is “a collection of wee anecdotes” which document stories he has picked up throughout his own life.

Jim, who is originally from North Lanarkshire, hopes the book can bridge a gap he often sees in book stores.

“It needed written,” he said.

“If you go to a book shop these days, you tend to find novel-length books.

“Many of them are absolutely brilliant, but lot of people just need a wee book, with a few wee stories that they can dip into when they need a chuckle.

“That’s been my aim – that’s my market if you like.

“You get some complimentary copies so I handed those out.

“I got some feedback, largely along the lines of, ‘what an imagination you’ve got,’ but nothing negative at all, I’m pleased to say.”

Following the publication of the book, Jim was interviewed by Sunny Govan Community Radio’s Simone Murray on her Community Arts Show.

In the interview, Jim spoke of how a stroke he had ten years ago led to his eventual publication.

In seeking something to do with his time after the stroke, his wife suggested he collate the stories he had been telling people for many years and put together a book.

Despite only recently publishing his first, Jim, who is in his 80s, is already looking to his second book.

He has gathered material for a sequel to the first instalment of Life Stories and ready to continue writing if the readers want more.

The follow-up would be of a similar, anecdotal style to the first, but with “one or two fewer chuckles, and a few more thoughts”.

Jim said: “From a personal point of view, if people get something out of it and say ‘keep writing’, then I’ll do it.”

Life Stories, The Odd Bits is available from various book retailers and online. To listen to Jim’s interview with Simone from November 17, visit www.mixcloud.com/SunnyG103/.