Morrisons has defended fuel prices which are seeing Helensburgh residents fork out 10p more per litre than those in neighbouring Dumbarton.

Despite being just seven miles apart, the supermarket is charging significantly higher prices at its Helensburgh store.

The prices for unleaded petrol are currently 151.9p per litre in Helensburgh, compared to 141.9p in Dumbarton.

The difference is the same for diesel, which is sitting at 174.9p in Helensburgh and 164.9p in Dumbarton.

Helensburgh Advertiser: There is a 10p difference between the two storesThere is a 10p difference between the two stores (Image:

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: “In the UK petrol prices vary from town to town and even neighbourhood to neighbourhood and we will always strive to be competitive in each local area.

“Occasionally this can mean price differences between different areas open up.

“We continually review our prices and will look to reduce this difference as soon as we can.”

The spokesperson also directed customers to the store’s current fuel deal, which allows them to save 5p per litre when spending £35 in store.