THE Cove Park artists’ centre on the Rosneath peninsula is holding its first ‘Saturday Studios’ event of the year this weekend.

Edd Carr, a visual artist based in Leeds and co-founder of The Sustainable Darkroom, will host two free workshops for children in the art of plant-based photography on Saturday, January 28.

Edd creates photographic animations and chemigrams from sustainable and natural materials. 

Chemigrams are typically made by painting a mixture of chemicals onto light sensitive paper; but in his Cove workshops, Edd will share a process which uses plant-based developers instead of harsh chemicals.

Edd’s work depicts our relationship to the ecological crisis and the nonhuman world which will serve as a starting point for discussions around how we relate emotionally to climate change, the ecological crisis and our connection to the wider living world.

The first workshop, for children aged from 7-11, takes place from 10am until noon on Saturday, with the second, for children aged 11 and over, runs from 2-4pm.

To find out more and follow the link to book a place, check out the post at