HELENSBURGH’S Morrisons could be cutting back on the events it supports as the supermarket chain re-evaluates its community work.

The food giant confirmed its “community champion” roles would be “adjusted” after investment during the pandemic.

Bosses insisted even after the changes most Morrisons stores would still have more hours for community work than before the pandemic.

The community champion role is a paid full or part-time position working in the local community and funding different causes.

Events with the shop last year included the 10 Million Steps in May Challenge, donating eggs to the Dementia Resource Centre for their Easter Scavenger Hunt, as well as organising donations of eggs to Key Housing, Northwood Care Home, Abbeyfield, Lochside Care Home, Argyle Care Centre and the Scottish Autism House.

But reports suggest that Morrisons’ community champions are having their budgets slashed and being allowed fewer working hours to devote to their role, with the workers diverted to tasks in other departments.

Morrisons would not confirm the budget allocation previously or what the new role would involve. They also didn’t confirm what events or causes they would be supporting in 2023.

Helensburgh Central councillor Fiona Howard said: “I think this is a very short-sighted move on Morrisons’ part.

“Helensburgh’s community champion has made a huge difference to hundreds of people in Helensburgh and Lomond and I imagine her value just in terms of customer loyalty is immeasurable.

“The current cost-of-living crisis is hitting everyone and I suspect this step back from community support will do Morrisons few favours.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “Our Community Champions and the role they play within the local community are incredibly important to Morrisons.

“Through the pandemic we made exceptional investments in community hours at a very difficult time for communities and we are now making some adjustments. After these changes most of our stores will still have more hours for community work than before the pandemic.”

Provost Maurice Corry said: “Morrisons have honoured their commitment to our local community here in Helensburgh and Lomond since they arrived here and their staff have given many hours volunteering with several organisations which have made a big difference.

“They have demonstrated admirably how businesses can play a valuable and important role in our community and I welcome the support Morrisons and several other businesses do as well over the years. I thank them all for their support to our community of Helensburgh and Lomond.”