Had a bite the other day in Helensburgh’s latest eaterie, which is a welcome addition to what is a burgeoning offer in the Burgh.

When I first located to this neck of the woods, going for a meal in the “big” town consisted of a fish supper, a Chinese takeaway or a curry.

There were hotel meals in the mix, but, though times have doubtless changed, they were rarely to be confused with adventurous dining.

Now, when this particular friend and I converse about where to meet and eat, we’re almost spoiled for choice.

Sadly it’s not the same story round my way. One of the area's only two hotels is about to be a block of flats and the other, which does do fine meals, has been on the market for some time, and is thinly populated.

We do have a café and a local pub in the vicinity, but the neighbouring bistro, which was a regular haunt, is down to a couple of nights a week, and is also up for sale. Hopefully to someone who will keep it on as a going concern. Fingers firmly crossed.

Like most outlets, it had a tough time during the pandemic, but traded on through an imaginative takeaway and delivery service.

You need that kind of lateral thinking to survive these days, but I’m still persuaded that good food and good service usually get the reward they deserve.