The new owners of a baronial castle in Cove have launched a blog to provide updates on their restoration of the building.

David and Chelom Leavitt recently purchased Knockderry Castle, which was put on the market in July 2022.

The couple, from Utah, had been looking at castles across the world for more than a decade before finally taking the leap and heading for Scotland.

The blog reads: “We’d lie in bed at night and wonder to ourselves: wouldn’t it be great to buy a Scottish castle and restore it?

“Well? We were brave enough or crazy enough to actually do it.

“And now it’s 1:30am in Scotland, and we can’t sleep. All we can think is: what the hell did we do?

“This is out blog to tell the story of not only what the hell we did, but what the hell we’re going to do, and what the hell we wind up with in the end!”

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In a post on why they bought the castle, Chelom describes the couple’s long search for the perfect one.

She recalls sifting through listings in France, Croatia, Slovakia, Germany, Greece, and Italy.

She said: “We are learning about this castle’s history and the history of the area.

“There is a magic here. Maybe it stems from the Vikings and their early settlement of this area. Maybe it’s from generations of traditions and dreams.”

In his own post, David added: “In July, 2022 Chelom sent me a link to the advertisement for the sale of Knockderry Castle in Cove, Scotland. 

“This time, it felt different. I felt Knockderry drawing us in, encouraging to us to take the leap and to actually do what we'd dreamed of doing rather than dreaming of doing it.  

“The circumstances were right and I knew they could never be better, and that if we didn't do it now we'd likely never accomplish the dream of owning and restoring a castle.”

To keep up with the couple’s restoration of the castle, see here.