Dog walkers in Rhu are being urged to respect the work of volunteers after damage was caused to a football pitch.

Rhu Amateurs issued a plea on social media last week after spending time preparing the pitch for their weekend matches.

The grounds were left with marks and dents on the grass ahead of the Colts’ match against Rosebank Utd on Saturday morning in the first round of the Jim Harvey Cup - which finished 4-2.

The club is now calling on dog walkers to “take more care” and help their local team out.

A spokesperson for Rhu Amateurs told the Advertiser: “Management committee players and volunteers give up their valuable time to maintain and carry out work on both parks so that your amateur football teams can play on a Saturday.

“Most of the dog walkers are extremely courteous and clean up after their dogs, but there is a small minority who continue to leave dog mess and damage our parks.

“All we ask is that if you feel the need to exercise your dog on our park, then please be mindful of the conditions and the hard work that has been put in to try and maintain these parks.”