PLANS to add an outdoor seating area on the pavement at one of Helensburgh's busiest junctions rest in the hands of council roads chiefs.

The owners of Peckhams, which opened recently at the junction of Sinclair Street and East Princes Street, were unanimously granted a premises licence by the Argyll and Bute licensing board on Tuesday - the business having operated on an occasional licence since it opened last month.

Licensing standards officer Raymond Park told the board that the Peckham's application also concerned a potential seating area on the pavement outside the premises - but that that aspect of the application was still under discussion with Argyll and Bute Council officials.

The licensing board, which consists of councillors from throughout the area, held its meeting on Tuesday, February 28.

Solicitor Archie MacIver, representing owner Tony Johnstone, said: “A licence was granted for this site a few years back, but once it was granted, the project ran into a number of delays due to technicalities and then Covid.

“That put the kybosh on everything and the licence has lapsed.

"The premises has been trading under an occasional licence since roughly the turn of the year, and has operated well and been well-received by the public.

“There are 23 jobs currently created and it is hoped to increase that as the premises develop.”

Licensing standards officer Raymond Park then said: “They do intend to use an outside area which will be at the front of the building, but that will not happen until there is consultation with the council’s roads department in the future.

"So the application is to futureproof the outdoor part to it.”

Responding to questions from Councillor Jan Brown (SNP, Mid Argyll) about functions and security at the premises, Mr MacIver said: “There have been no functions as yet. The intention was to open in March, and I understand there are about three or four functions in the pipeline. These will tend to be pre-booked events.

“They are not particularly large events. The site will always be monitored, and if security is required, it will be put in place.

“Mr Johnstone has been in the licensed trade business for the best part of 40 years and will be liaising with the police and licensing standards officer if there are any questions.”

Councillor Paul Kennedy (Liberal Democrat, Helensburgh and Lomond South) asked: “It is not a particularly wide area of the pavement and you have the ramp outside. Are you looking for tables and chairs around the side of the building?”

Mr MacIver said: “It is not a big area, as you say, and this is all predicated on permission being obtained from the roads department. If not, then it will not be capable of being used.

“This will be fleshed out after discussions with the roads department to see what is acceptable to them.

"If they have concerns, then the outside area will fall flat on its face.”