NEW temporary skatepark facilities will be in place on the waterfront by the summer - and this time they will be designed by experts.

The previous skatepark was removed and put into storage with the building of the new Helensburgh Leisure Centre. But council bosses promised it would be restore and returned to the site once the centre was finished.

Now campaigners in the town said the previous equipment was beyond repair and past its use, but Argyll and Bute Council will put in new temporary wood fixtures.

And they revealed that world-class Unit 23 in Dumbarton would be designing the facilities.

Jackie Hood, chair of the Helensburgh Skatepark Project, told Helensburgh Community Council (HCC) last week that after initial concerns, she had been reassured new facilities would be put in.

The original equipment had been damaged and was not fit for purpose, as well as not being designed by skaters.

Temporary wooden ramps would be put in until the eventual development of the former pool site is confirmed.

Ms Hood said: "In the short term, it will be wooden ramps, treated, that will last 2-3 years until the council has a tenant.

"My priority is to get something made by skaters, for skaters. Then we have more leverage.

"I'm a lot more positive. It's been quite an emotional rollercoaster."

The previous skatepark was 15m by 23m but the new space will be 20m by 30m.

Ms Hood said that was "exactly the right size" for a community Helensburgh's size.

She added: "I want something there so anyone who comes there can see there's a skatepark.

"We are all ready to go - we just don't have a skatepark.

"A skatepark is a massive benefit to a town. It should be encourages. It's such an economic boon.

"We are going to get something world class."

Community councillor Polly Jones said: "It sounds brilliant. My kids have used Unit 23 - they love it."

Ms Hood said: "My ideal is an 800sqm concrete park. We have lost all the momentum with the pandemic.

"It's up to us to ensure what goes there is good."

HCC chairman Norman Muir said: "We will do anything we can to help you on your quest."