A MUCH-LOVED botanic garden in Cove will be opening to the public over the Easter holiday weekend – but tickets to visit have already sold out.

The Linn Botanic Garden in Cove will be open from 10am until 4pm from Saturday, April 8 until Monday, April 10, and again on the weekend of April 15 and 16, as part of the Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, in support of the Scottish Refugee Council.

Those who have already booked will be able to explore what has been restored so far and discuss the plans for further repairs and future developments.

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The listing on the Scotland's Gardens website says tickets for the two weekends have already sold out - but that there may be more dates added later in the year.

The Linn Botanic Gardens used to be one of the only privately owned gardens to be accredited as a botanical garden, under the stewardship of its creators, Jim and Jamie Taggart.

Sadly Jamie died on a plant-hunting expedition to Vietnam in 2013, and Jim's failing health and old age limited the care he could take of the garden from that point onwards.

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Jim died in 2019, at which point the garden was closed and was not maintained at all until 2021, when it was purchased by the current owners.

A spokesperson for the garden said: "Since then extensive work has been taking place to renovate and reopen the gardens, and to rebuild the disintegrating villa at their heart.

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"It is still very much a work in progress, but large parts of the old plant collection remain intact.

"You are invited to explore what has been restored and to discuss the plans to complete the repair work and then further develop the garden in the future, but please do bear in mind that it is a long way from being the finished article just yet."