Efforts are underway to recruit new members at Helensburgh Rugby Club in a bid to reintroduce a ladies' team in the town.

Michelle Laura Cahill, who has played rugby since the age of eight, was inspired to get more women involved in the game after moving to Helensburgh in 2019.

She entered discussions with the club back then, but the coronavirus pandemic hampered the plans.

Michelle is now preparing to host an open day at the club, and is inviting women to come along at see why rugby could be beneficial to them.

She said: “I think the social side is massive. You make friends and it gives you confidence that you might not necessarily have had.

“The fitness as well – but it’s not just about being fit and tough, it’s about being a part of something.

“I feel like it’s so hard for people now. You have social media where you feel like you have to fit, but actually you can just be you and do what you love without being judged for it. Everybody fits in in rugby.”

Michelle has been involved in coaching the sport for a number of years, having already successfully launched and reformed girls’ and women’s teams across the UK.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Michelle started out as a water girl at her old team before joining the squadMichelle started out as a water girl at her old team before joining the squad (Image: Michelle Laura Cahill)

She started off working in the community with Bristol Rugby Club, going into schools and teaching lessons to children.

Michelle said: “I pushed them to do the things I didn’t really get the opportunity to do.

“When I was growing up the trials weren’t close so I didn’t have the opportunity when I was growing up.

“But, for anybody else I can get to really champion themselves, I’m fully behind that.”

Michelle moved to Helensburgh with her submariner husband, and said it’s the first military town she’s lived in which does not have a ladies’ rugby team.

Once set up, she hopes the side can enjoy a year of friendlies, before looking to join a league in their second season.

While the aim is to form a competitive side, those looking to take part for fitness purposes are also welcome to attend.

Michelle said she has also had a lot of interest from those keen to form an over-50s side already.

The open day will be held on April 30 and further details will be available soon. Anyone interested in getting involved in the team can contact Michelle at mrandmrscahill18@gmail.com.