DOG owners in Helensburgh are being warned to keep their pets on leads after two animals were badly poisoned in as many days.

Lomond Veterinary Clinic in the town said both incidents appeared to be unintentional but urged Helensburgh and Lomond residents to keep an eye on their pooches.

Karen Murphy said the first incident happened on Monday in Balloch Park when a bag of sliced onions had been left on the grass and was eaten by a dog.

The second happened on the Rosneath peninsula on Tuesday.

She said: "Onions are very toxic to dogs and can cause severe anaemia.

"The second incident was today in Kilcreggan/Rosneath, where a sausage studded with blue/green material was found and eaten by a dog. This could be rat poison or slug pellets; both can be toxic."

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Both animals were admitted to the clinic and had to have vomiting induced. Karen said both will need ongoing monitoring but are doing well at the moment.

She said the sausage was more concerning but they couldn't say it was an intent to harm dogs. It might have been aimed at rats but had unintended consequences.

Karen added: "We are urging pet owners to be vigilant and to consider keeping their dogs on a lead when walking them.

"It is unlikely the two incidents are related but we suggest that people keep a close eye on their dogs when walking them and also to contact their veterinary surgeon immediately if they suspect their dog may have ingested something they shouldn't have."