Community leaders have welcomed the opening of a new hub to inspire Helensburgh innovation and cooperation.

The JLB Innovation Hub in Helensburgh Library in West King Street, is aimed to help businesses work together or independently, "sharing ideas and opportunities" with entrepreneurs.

Helensburgh Community Council (HCC) raised the idea a decade ago, honouring the inventor of television, John Logie Baird.

They said a hub would marry the town's attractive setting, housing, transport links, excellent schools and shops to lure businesses and help them work together.

At HCC's recent meeting, member Nigel Millar admitted the idea had had a "long and tortuous history" but said the hub, which is run by Live Argyll, would inspire people to meet and work together.

The hub is designed to help write business plans, or set up a supply chain, or pitch for funding.

He said they were looking to set up a panel of mentors.

"In Helensburgh, we have mentors dripping off the walls," he said.

And Mr Millar praised fellow community council member Tariq Durrani for "seeing ahead and the problems we are going to face and how to deal with them".

The hub is getting a "soft launch" on April 17.

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Ten years ago, Mr Millar told the Advertiser the idea was sparked when then enterprise minister Fergus Ewing called for Scottish companies to focus on innovation.

Mr Millar said: "Being such an attractive town and close to Greater Glasgow, Helensburgh is a great place in which to live. To make it a great place in which to set up shop and work, Helensburgh should create an Innovation Centre of incubator units to help young companies get started and on their way."