THE roll-out of an anti-overdose drug to police officers in Helensburgh is nearly complete, a report has revealed.

Naloxone, which can help to reverse the effects of overdoses on opioid drugs, including heroin, is being provided to police officers across Scotland.

A report from Police Scotland to Argyll and Bute Council's Helensburgh and Lomond community planning group says that almost all constables, sergeants and inspectors in the Argyll and West Dunbartonshire division have been provided with naloxone kits.

The report said: “The roll-out of Naloxone to our officers across Argyll and West Dunbartonshire is nearly complete.

"The intra-nasal sprays can reverse life-threatening opioid-related overdoses, and are being issued to all constables, sergeants and inspectors across Scotland to supplement their existing extensive first aid training.

“Nearly 450 officers now have access to these sprays, carried in pouches for easy access. Officers complete an online course before receiving the first aid equipment.

“Since officers in Scotland started to carry Naloxone, it has been administered 128 times (correct as of February 24), with positive outcomes on all but five of the incidents.”

The report also detailed the work of the police’s youth engagement officer, including a large new intake for the Police Scotland Youth Volunteer scheme in the town.

It said: “Our youth engagement officer continues to make excellent progress with younger people in the area through engagement and education.

“This has included the start-up of the local Police Scotland Youth Volunteer Group in Helensburgh with 26 new youth volunteers with at least 25 per cent being from a vulnerable background.

“Police Scotland, Helensburgh Garelochside Rotary, Ministry of Defence Police and Argyll and Bute Council worked together to highlight internet safety to young people across Helensburgh.

“All local primary received inputs and at the end of the sessions, young people were able to take part in the annual Rotary poster competition. School presentations on road safety and water safety have also been provided.”

The community planning group meets on Tuesday, May 9.