Argyll and Bute’s Citizens Advice Bureau has called on Helensburgh and Lomond’s unpaid carers to participate in a survey on the cost-of-living crisis.

The survey aims to gather information from unpaid carers throughout the area so that the bureau can find out what short-term support is required for people in this position.

Once the survey is completed, the bureau will work with Citizens Advice Scotland to present the information to the Scottish Government.

Argyll and Bute branch manager, Jen Broadhurst, said: “We need much more evidence on the impact that the rising cost of living is having on people who care for others.

“We also know that for people living in mainly rural areas, everyday costs can be higher, there aren’t the same options for discount shopping, half of the area doesn’t have access to mains gas, so energy bills can be higher, and travel can cost more due our geography.

“With more evidence on how unpaid carers are affected by the rising cost of living, the local bureau working with Citizens Advice Scotland can try to influence the UK and Scottish Governments’ over the short-term support needed.”

The bureau also aims to use the survey to find out what targeted support is needed and influence the support available.

Long term solutions to the issues carers currently face are to be sought out in conjunction with carers themselves.

Argyll and Bute’s Citizens Advice Bureau provides support, surrounding topics such as debt, money, welfare rights, housing and energy advice.

They also aim to influence the development of social policies and services locally and nationally.

The survey is accessible here:

Alternatively, call 01546 605550 to arrange a time to complete the survey over the phone.