FARMERS in Helensburgh are delighted to have found their pet lamb after it was trapped for more than a day.

Townhead Farm shared their story of how one of their ewes got stuck underneath one of the pens for almost 36 hours.

They said that they moved the ewes from the farm yard to the front field on Sunday evening after a busy weekend at farmers' markets, a dog show, and church service in Colgrain.

Everything seemed fine until the farmer noticed that a lamb was missing.

On Monday, searches were carried out for the missing four-legged pet, but there was no luck until a faint bleating sound was heard from underground one of the lamb pens.

It was then discovered that the male lamb had managed to slip into the old space used for a sheep digger which had been covered with brambles and metal coverings.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The lamb got stuck in the dark The lamb got stuck in the dark (Image: Townhead Farm)

They took to social media to share with residents their delight in finding the lamb after a very frantic (and frightening) time.

They said: "This young man has had a lucky escape. We had a super busy weekend, two days of farmers markets, running a dog show and a church service on the farm on Sunday evening.

"Late evening we moved the ewes through the farm yard to the front field and I was not that worried when I realised when I shut the barn doors at dusk that I was missing a pet lamb.

"I assumed that he had gone into the front field with the ewes and searched several times for him on Monday with no success. I also checked in all the spots that the pet lambs like to play in with a negative result.

"I suspected that he might have become unwell and hidden somewhere so the dogs hunted with me again with no result.

"On Tuesday morning I cleaned out the lamb pens and took the dirty straw to the bonfire accompanied by most of the pet lambs. Then I heard him………..bleating from underground.

"We have a sheep dipper that has not been used for decades and was covered over with metal boards.

"Brambles have grown over it and it was with great difficulty that we got the brambles cut back and the covers lifted off. Somehow this boy has slipped down and been stuck in the dark for 36 hours.

"He was thirsty very glad to see me and otherwise unharmed. I do wonder what his next stunt will be."