NEW funding will help pay for more two more rangers at Loch Lomond this summer, it has been announced.

Nearly £900,000 from the Scottish Government will support visitor management and help safeguard the environment for tourists and local communities.

NatureScot funding will go to Loch Lomond and 23 other countryside, coastal and island projects across the country.

The "better places" cash will also promote the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC) and help manage visitor pressures along the loch.

RSPB Scotland is getting the funding for two rangers at their Loch Lomond nature reserve, one full time, one part time.

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A similar scheme last year paid for 109 seasonal staff, said NatureScot. It helped combat irresponsible parking, camping, fires, toileting and litter issues.

Bridget Jones, NatureScot's recreation and paths manager, said: “The Better Places Fund supports rangers to promote responsible enjoyment and manage some of the busiest and most popular areas.

"We want to help people have positive and memorable experiences as they visit and enjoy Scotland’s dramatic landscapes of beaches, mountains, lochs and woodlands.

"But as we tackle the climate and biodiversity crises, we have to ensure that the country’s most spectacular locations are valued and cared for, so that they are there for future generations.”

Funding is going to 18 organisations to seven countryside trusts, five local authorities, four charities, one community group, one not-for-profit organisation and one private company.