Curious locals got to see the variety of moths that live in Helensburgh and Lomond during a special event at a popular visitor attraction last week.

Moth expert Alan Kerr - a 'lepidopterist', to give him his Sunday title - set up moth traps in various locations in Geilston Garden overnight and met up with visitors to the Cardross attraction on Thursday, June 15 for the 'Moth Morning'.

Alan gave a short presentation providing information about the different moths which can be found in our gardens and their life cycles.

Locals could see how the trapping process works and examine the wide variety of moths which had been caught.

A representative from the Friends of Geilston, which organised the event, said: "Top favourite was the White Ermine moth, which is a common visitor to our gardens but had never been observed by any of the group before.

"This pretty little moth has a furry head and a frill of fur along its wings which make it appear very glamorous however the function of the fur is to disrupt bats' echolocation and thus protect it from predation."

Another 'moth morning' will be held in the garden on Thursday, July 13 and it's hoped that school children will take up this opportunity since it is being held during the summer holidays.

The proceeds of this session are to be donated to the local Butterfly Conservation group.

More info on the upcoming Moth Morning will be shared on the Friends of Geilston Facebook page.