Helensburgh knows the rules for pubs in the town - and staff are the boss.

All bars and pubs have official notices but what are the unwritten ones? The ones we all know when ordering at the bar or interacting with others?

We asked readers: "What are the unwritten rules of any Scottish pub?"

And they revealed what standards everyone is held to.

Toni Taylor told us: "Bar staff are the boss.. what they say goes."

From that starting rule though, there are some addendums.

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Nic Kane wrote: "Staring at the busy bar person until it's your turn to be served makes you get served quicker."

And Susan Costello said: "If someone was there before you at the bar and person behind the bar tries to serve you first, ask them to serve the other person.

"Jumping the queue at a bar in Scotland could cause a war."

And Kate Wooding explained: "Don't order a round of five different cocktails when there's already a queue at the bar."

More widely, some readers reminded us of the rule: "Nae religion or politics as topics of conversation."

Or Marysia Payne told us: "If there's 10 clean tables and four dirty ones, always choose the dirty one and then complain."

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But there was also some discussion about changes to the pub scene over time.

Sephton MacQuire wrote: "It used to be in the old days 'No Swearing' when a lady was present. Offer a lady a seat if it was busy."

Julia Barr replied: "People still do that (or apologise for swearing) in my experience."

Meanwhile, Eric Sean Bonner said: "Reserve your place on the pool table by sticking a quid on the side of the table."

To which Angie Hark-Fras replied on Facebook: "Good grief!! it used to be 20p. I miss those days."

Finally, if you see Robert Williamson in the pub, he would like to remind you of the key rule: "Buy. Your. Round."