Scottish Water says it has tracked down the fault which caused disruption to water supplies for hundreds of households on the Rosneath peninsula on Thursday.

The utility company says a small number of properties are still without water supplies after the burst on Thursday cut off supplies to homes in Rosneath, Clynder and Kilcreggan.

Throughout the course of July 6, customers on the Rosneath peninsula reported no water, loss of pressure or intermittent supplies

Scottish Water said the loss of supply had affected “up to 1,000” customers.

Six tankers were sent to the area to bolster supplies, with the first arriving at around 10pm on Thursday.

The utility firm said that alterations made to the network during Thursday evening meant the tankers were no longer needed, but that they would remain on site as a precautionary measure.

Work continued through the night in a bid to identify the fault, with the company warning that “step-testing” – the taking of pressure tests at various points along the water main – might cause further minor interruptions to supplies for a few minutes at most.

In an update issued on Friday morning, a spokesperson said: "We have narrowed the fault that caused disruption of water supplies to customers in the G84 Clynder, Rosneath and Kilcreggan area to a section of 5 inch mains pipe at Barbour Road.

"This section of mains has been isolated, restoring normal water supplies to most customers.

"There are a small number of properties supplied from this section of 5 inch water main that have no water and we will continue to provide alternative water supplies until we have pinpointed the burst and carried out our repair.

"As our investigations continue, please be aware that you may experience intermittent water supplies for a short period of time. This should last no more than an hour as we work to pinpoint the burst water main.

"As your water supply restores, some customers may experience discoloured water.

"If you experience brown water, we advise to allow your cold-water kitchen tap to run at a reduced pressure until this runs clear. Do not run any other taps or use any water appliances whilst doing so, and follow the same process with any other taps affected once the water is clear from your cold-water kitchen tap.

"If you experience white water, this is air trapped in the supply and will clear within 24 to 48 hours.

"We would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding whilst we work to restore normal water supplies and we apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused."

Scottish Water says a further update will be provided at 12.30pm on Friday.