It is now 14 months since you voted me in as a Helensburgh Central councillor, thank you. I hope in that time I have paid back your trust in me.

I was pleased to see the plants in Colquhoun Square planted in the four flower beds in mid-June. This is far too late. The empty beds looked terrible to residents and visitors alike.

I have reported this and discussed the issue with the chief executive as to how this can be improved in the future.

After many talks and meetings, a joint bid by Ardencaple and Helensburgh football clubs to lease East King Street football parks and the changing facility may be close to fruition. The council has provided much-needed repairs to the changing facility to allow it and the parks to be fit for use again.

Live Argyll is pleased to announce that until August 16, all children under 16 years of age can swim for free at any of the Live Argyll swimming pools.

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The lack of affordable housing in Helensburgh was given a boost with Dunbritton HA given the go-ahead to build 12 flats in East King Street. These will consist of four, two-bedroom and eight, one-bedroom flats.

With the recent community consultations completed for the Waterfront development, council officers prefer retail, and the community favours community use.

I for one would prefer the site to be used for community use, places families can take their children too.

I hope you all have a great summer break.