Helensburgh is a great place to live - it's just not by the sea.

Advertiser readers reacted to news this week that the town had been named as one of "the best places to live by the sea in the UK 2023".

And several clearly pointed out it's on the Clyde, not the sea.

"Pretty sure that's not the sea," wrote Douglas Hogg.

Charlie Campbell agreed: "It’s not the sea."

And Michael MacDonald explained it was down to appeal: "Wouldn’t consider Helensburgh, beside the sea. Maybe near the estuary but that doesn’t sound exotic."

The original list in the Sunday Times also referred to "the joy of living on an island", so their list might already be broader.

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Other Scottish sites named were Arisaig in the Highlands, North Berwick in East Lothian, and Edinburgh's Portobello.

Readers also pointing out the proximity to Faslane naval base, promoting a long-simmering argument.

Meanwhile some readers agreed Helensburgh was great - decades ago.

Cheryl Brind wrote: "Great in the 80s. Not so much these days."

And Scott Robertson said: "It was back in the 70s/80s."

Carol Ann Kerr said: "Lovely place in it's day but you couldn't and wouldn't want to swim in that water now, full of sewage."

But there was plenty of praise for Helensburgh/ Clyde.Scot Events and Attractions commented: "Not surprising. It has the advantage of being half an hour away from Glasgow and a short trip to Loch Lomond, Arrochar and over to Loch Fyne.

"Plus it's a great place for any boat enthusiast. Not to mention the town's own quiet waterfront being a great place to enjoy an alfresco fish supper!"

Maureen Cameron said: "I totally agree, Helensburgh is a lovely place to live."

And Kirsty Liddle said: "Definitely.I lived in Kilcreggan til I was 9 so just love the whole area."