Single-use vapes, possibly one of the most dubious inventions in recent years, seem to be everywhere and used across generations with many seemingly in the hands of our teenagers.

Designed to help lifelong smokers give up the habit on the premise that vape juice is better than cigarettes and it has apparently been very effective.

However, now vaping seems to be the territory of young people who have never smoked cigarettes and are providing just a new way of developing a nicotine addiction which is why, at the end of April, Argyll and Bute Council agreed a motion calling for the Scottish Government to use its existing powers to implement a ban on single use disposable vapes as soon as practicably possible.

However, while that works its way through and more and more councils are coming onboard there remains the issue that these vapes, bad for your children and shocking for the environment, are getting into the hands of youngsters as young as 10 and 11 years old when they should not be available for anyone under 18.

This means that either adults are buying them for the children or unscrupulous shopkeepers are selling them illegally. I and some of my colleagues will be seeking a clamp down on these practices and for the statutory fines issued to anyone supplying vapes for underage children … if you are one of them consider yourself warned.

And, while still on the subject of teenagers, many concerns have been expressed recently about the teams of young people roaming around the town in the evenings. These groups of youngsters can been noisy, intimidating and are the cause of vandalism around the town centre, the park and on public transport.

This is more than worrying and I and Councillor Ian MacQuire would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any workable ideas, or who would be interested in helping to find solutions.

Helensburgh Advertiser:

On a lighter note I was delighted, last week, to attend a Citizenship Ceremony at the Helensburgh Civic Centre.

Assistant Registrar Jane MacGregor led each of the four new citizens through the affirmation of allegiance to the King and then their pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom before Deputy Lord Lieutenant James Rogers presented their Certificates of Citizenship and I had the honour of presenting each with a commemorative medal on behalf of the council.

The four ladies were Chadchanantom Pattanasak Ross, Gauri Anant Raje, Jinjin Hu and Jessica Steinemann. These ladies had passed an exam as part of the process and I am willing to be they know more about our country than I do! Welcome ladies, we are lucky to have you.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Jean's Bothy open dayJean's Bothy open day (Image: Fiona Howard)

And then, on Friday, I popped along to the annual Open Day at Jean’s Bothy. The sun shone there were loads of people enjoying the lovely food in the sun and the stalls offered lovely hand made goodies …my only issue was that I don’t understand where the last year went to! This was one of the first events I attended after my election last year and this just brought home to me how fast time flies.

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