A RAILWAY station near Loch Lomond could be moved in a bid to attract more visitors to the area.

The proposal to move Arrochar and Tarbet's station to a site south of the bridge over the A83 comes from a development plan drawn up by local land owner Luss Estates. 

The company is proposing a "possible relocation/expansion of the existing railway station to a site south of the bridge".

They say an Arrochar and Tarbet commercial visitor attraction site could use the station as a key part of access.

It's one of a number of details that have emerged from the land owner's 'land use and development plan' looking ahead to the next decade.

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Plans to convert the former torpedo testing site on the west shore of nearby Loch Long for residential use, holiday accommodation and a marina were unveiled earlier this year.

The Luss Estates development plan also features a visitor site in Tarbet which includes WCs, a cafe, green space and alterations to parking and public transport infrastructure.

Helensburgh Advertiser:

Neither site is owned by Luss Estates, but appears in the plan as part of an overall look at the area.

Under the Luss Estates proposals, part of the car park at the head of Loch Long in Arrochar would be offered for lease to the Arrochar, Tarbet and Ardlui Community Development Trust for new public toilets.

Existing housing sites in the local development plan in Arrochar, Tarbet and Succoth are outlined in the plans.

The document has been drawn up after consultations with Arrochar, Tarbet and Ardlui Community Council and local residents last year on a 'local place plan' for the area.

Luss Estates acknowledged that their previous development masterplan for the area - dating back to 2013 - focused on Luss, but that their work affects Tarbet, Arrochar, Helensburgh and Rhu.

They state: "It has been recognised since the preparation of the previous Development Framework in 2013, that Luss, and other communities in the region, are facing challenges associated with rural depopulation and ageing – both of which are having demonstrable impacts on services and businesses."

Luss Estates said the consultation on the local place plan came back with a number of concerns in Arrochar, Tarbet and Ardlui, with residents' views including "something needs to happen"; "there is a shortage of affordable housing, with too many second homes and holiday lets"; "there is a shortage of workers"; "the Three Villages should be a destination – but not too much" and "the authorities need to show the village some love" 

Other views expressed included a desire for roads and connections to be made safer, especially to Arrochar Primary School; for improved community facilities; and for the area to have more reasons to encourage young people to stay.

From those community views, Luss Estates summarised the priorities as "community first", "tackle dereliction and decay" and "tap into tourism".

They also consulted with Luss and Arden Community Council and concluded: "Luss Estates Company will continue to support communities across the estate, and to this end is seeking to align as closely as possible the aims of the Estate’s Plan with those of the two pocal place plans."

Arrochar, Tarbet and Ardlui Community Council said they had not yet seen the full Luss Estates plan, but "the limited discussion on how the plan would impact Arrochar and surrounding area was mostly positive".

Luss Estates have been approached for comment.