Helensburgh and Lomond residents can soak up the “relaxing warmth” of a meditative sound bath in Cardross this weekend.

Local Reiki practitioners Lichtie Healing are returning to Geilston Garden on Saturday, August 12 for an adults only outdoor sound bath session.

Participants will be able to relax while they enjoy the calming sounds of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, Koshi chimes, and Shamanic drums accompanied by the natural noises of the grounds like the Geilston Burn and chirping birds.

Lichtie Healing said: “We blend the clarity of crystal singing bowls with the smooth sacred tones of traditional Tibetan bowls.

“Add to that the delicate quiver of the Koshi chimes, the primordial beat of Shamanic drums and you have the relaxing warmth from a bath of sound.”

Participants should bring a head pillow, a blanket or sleeping bag, water or juice, and a yoga mat.

People can also bring a supportive knee pillow, an eye mask, and a sun lounger if they wish.

Wearing warm, comfortable clothing is encouraged as body temperatures can fall during the practice.

The sessions were first held in the garden in May 2023 and have continued to be held on a regular basis with Lichtie Healing holding their first child friendly sound bath this July.

Lichtie Healing specialise in the Japanese practice of Reiki which aims to improve emotional and physical wellness.

However, they are also sound therapists, with their sound baths being part of that service.

Spaces cost £15 and can be booked by emailing: geilstonfriends.events@gmail.com.