VISITORS to a Helensburgh beauty spot are being denied use of designated motorhome bays by vehicles that have “taken up residence”, it has been claimed.

A visitor to the area claimed they have been unable to make use of Kidston Park’s designated parking spaces.

It was also claimed that a similar situation had arisen at Ardentinny Beach, on the Cowal peninsula, with wild campers refusing to move.

An Argyll and Bute Council spokesperson said that contact had been made with the families involved in the Kidston Park situation.

The visitor said: “Having travelled through, we were unable to make use of designated bays, due to caravans being parked up.

“Talking to a local, it appears these caravans were previously sited on the grass within the park. After several weeks, they have now taken permanent residency of the motorhome bays.

“I had sent an email over a fortnight ago to the local council, as yet I have had no response.

"There are now three caravans, a van and three SUV vehicles parked up across eight parking bays. Not to mention three dogs tied to a tree and two wild chickens.”

The visitor added: “The abuse of these facilities normally means they are removed. Unfortunately it's motorhome users who abide by the strict rules who lose out.

“This situation is similar to the one I experienced at Ardentinny beach. Forestry and Land Scotland operate the Stay The Night initiative for motorhomes to park up and pay to stay the night.

“Sadly it was overrun with cars, and wild campers in tents who actually pitched up on our plot, and refused to vacate when politely asked to do so.

“I can only imagine that come October, this scheme will close and not be renewed next year.”

An Argyll and Bute Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the current situation at Kidston Park and are engaging with the families involved.”