Helensburgh Girl Guides enjoyed a fun 26 hour ‘campathon’ where they learned new skills and made new friends.

52 Guides from Girlguiding Dunbartonshire journeyed to the branch’s campsite in Stirlingshire's Catterburn with 26 visiting on Saturday, August 19 and another 26 staying on Sunday, August 20.

The Guides took part in 26 hours of activities all themed around the number 26 for the marathon themed event as they were tasked with making 26 friends and trying new challenges such as tomahawk throwing.

New leaders with little to no experience camping were also able to benefit from the ‘campathon’ as they learned important outdoors and teamwork skills.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Girl Guide Bethany Johnson tries tomahawk throwingGirl Guide Bethany Johnson tries tomahawk throwing (Image: Girlguiding Dunbartonshire)

A spokesperson for Girlguiding Dunbartonshire said: “The 26-hour campathon was for new leaders who had not camped before or who had very little camping experience.

“They all brought some Guides to experience all that Catterburn has to offer.

“The programme was designed to give the Guides a mixture of traditional camping activities, alongside some of the more adventurous activities that Catterburn offers.

“The event brought together an experienced outdoor team from across the county to share their skills and showed our county teamwork at its best.”

Guides, Brownies, and Rangers have taken part in excursions to the Catterburn campsite for decades but unfortunately the site suffered a flood earlier this year.

The Brownie House - which offers residential accommodation for 24 girls - experienced the worst damage with a burst pipe causing devastation to the floor and roof.

The Girlguiding spokesperson added: “Despite the disastrous flood affecting the Brownie House, Girlguiding Dunbartonshire members are continuing to have great experiences at the campsite at Catterburn.

“The site still has so much to offer for anyone looking for outside space for team building, leadership development and exciting adventures.

“We are happy to take bookings from outside of Girlguiding, particularly during weekdays.”

For more details about the site and to make a booking, email catterburnchair@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk.