A popular Helensburgh musician and member of the community who passed away earlier this year will be honoured with a concert.

The Walter Blair Memorial Concert will be held on Sunday, October 29 at 7pm in Helensburgh Parish Church.

The show comes as part of its Sunday at Seven series, which Walter created more than 30 years ago.

Three of the artists Walter worked closely with over the years - soprano Patricia MacMahon, tenor Jamie MacDougall and trumpeter Mark O’Keefe – will join the current director of music, Derek Clark, to present an hour-long programme in his memory.

After his sad death in February 2023, the musician was dedicated a plaque in the church for his work directing the choir, playing the organ, and creating the Sunday and Seven Series.

A representative said: “The first concert in the season will be held to honour the inestimable contribution made by Walter Blair to the musical life not only of the church, but also of Helensburgh itself.”

Outside of the church, Walter was the musical director of the Helensburgh Oratorio Choir and conducted the Dorian Choir.

Walter was revered as a professional musican as he worked as the head of the Junior School at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and as the associate director of music.

Entry is free and visitors will have an opportunity to give a donation to the church as they leave.

Contact Helensburgh Parish Church on 01436 676880 for more information.