Officials have confirmed that the A83 between Tarbet and Inveraray has re-opened to all traffic as of this afternoon.

Following hillside inspections this morning, BEAR Scotland – which maintains trunk roads in the north west of Scotland on behalf of Transport Scotland - stated that the road was safe to use from 3pm on Wednesday, October 11.

The stretch had been closed since Saturday, October 7 to allow for a clear-up of landslide material from the route at Glen Kinglas, and to a lesser extent at the Rest and be Thankful where a small landslip also occurred.

BEAR teams have removed over 12,000 tonnes of debris and cleared roadside verges and drainage systems to allow the trunk road to re-open to vehicles.

Heavy and persistent rainfall on Friday evening and Saturday, which was associated with an amber weather warning, caused major impacts on the trunk and local roads networks, with significant disruption experienced across Argyll.

The area around the A83 saw a month’s worth of rainfall - around 160mm - fall over just 36 hours due to weather brought by Storm Agnes.

BEAR Scotland’s north west representative, Ian Stewart, said: “Our teams have worked tirelessly in challenging conditions to reopen the A83 to all traffic.

“We are very grateful to our colleagues and partners, as well as local residents for all your support and patience during this challenging time.”

Seven landslides reached the road, with the A83/A815 junction to the west end of Glen Kinglas badly affected.

The landslides are as follows:

One small landslide at the Rest and be Thankful where debris reached the road.

Two further landslides at the Rest and be Thankful where debris was captured in the net and pit.

Four landslides at Glen Kinglas where debris reached the road.

Two small landslides at Glen Kinglas which were captured in the debris bund.

Two very substantial landslides on the A83 at the A815 Dunoon junction where debris which reached the road.

Following the re-opening of the A83, BEAR Scotland teams will remain on site to monitor the areas affected by the landslides in the coming days.

They will be supported by geotechnical engineers who will continue to inspect the affected sections of hillside close to the A815 junction and within Glen Kinglas.

Regular inspections of the hillside at the Rest and be Thankful will also continue.

Argyll and Bute Council has confirmed that the A815 also reopened at 3pm.