A NEW tartan for Helensburgh and Lomond has been officially recognised to the collection of the glorious tartans of Scotland.

The new tartan was designed and created by the talented team at Tweedie in Helensburgh to feature the beautiful colours of Loch Lomond while celebrating the hues of the mountains and the local area.

The patterned cloth will be known as the Helensburgh and Lomond Tartan. It has coded into its heart the colours and hues that are encapsulated in this beautiful corner of the country.

Designer Mairi Clayton said: “The registration of our new Helensburgh and Lomond Tartan is the culmination of many years of work and a dream come true.

“For many years we have created our own signature textile styles for our award-winning leather and tweed products here in the Leather Guild design studio. 

"We have selected hand-spun yarns from spinners, coordinated with mills and arranged finishing using our own tweeds woven by artisan weavers based in Scotland."

Helensburgh Advertiser: The new Helensburgh and Lomond tartan The new Helensburgh and Lomond tartan (Image: Let's Promote Online)

She continued: “Then we decided to develop the idea of a Helensburgh and Lomond tartan to celebrate the town and district as a tangible recognition of its beauty and we discussed the project with our Business Gateway advisor Jen Smith who was very enthusiastic and encouraging.”

Some months later, having worked to bring the concept into reality Mairi and her husband Stephen applied to the Scottish Register of Tartan to have their new tartan recognised.

The Helensburgh and Lomond Tartan’s “registry notes” - a unique description of the tartan -  stated: “The tartan is a celebration of this special area and colours of Loch Lomond and the River Clyde feature strongly, working in harmony with hues of the heather and gorse-covered hills and the dark mountains beyond.”

Helensburgh Advertiser: The design has been added into the collection of tartans of ScotlandThe design has been added into the collection of tartans of Scotland (Image: Let's Promote Online)

This along with registration notes and the technical design compliance which is laid down in the register of tartan by the Tartans Authority, was accepted subject to receiving additional official support and permission.

Douglas Hendry, executive director with Responsibility for Legal and Regulatory Support, a senior officer of Argyll and Bute Council, provided a written letter of submission which was accompanied by a document of support from Provost Maurice Corry and the application for a registered district tartan was accepted.

Provost Corry said: "I was very happy to support this project. It is a beautiful tartan and I have been very impressed by the quality of the design and of the items made using it.”

The Helensburgh and Lomond Tartan can be seen at, and is available from, Tweedie located on 19 West Clyde Street where it has been converted into gifts, accessories, caps and hats by the team.