Comedian Karen Dunbar talks of how she can’t wait to visit “beautiful” Helensburgh as she prepares for her first show in the town.

The actress and comedian, who is perhaps best known for TV hits Chewin’ the Fat and the Karen Dunbar Show, will be visiting Helensburgh's Victoria Halls for her ‘An Audience With…’ show on Sunday, November 19.

The comedian hold the Advertiser she is excited to bring her interactive show to the town where she will share exclusive stories from her life and career during the interview section and chat with local fans during the Q and A.

Karen said: “I always enjoy going somewhere that I haven’t been before and I’m really really fond of Helensburgh as well – it’s a beautiful spot.

“[During the show], I’m getting interviewed – but it’s me so it’s not basic. It’s like stand up but I’m sitting down.

“There’s a Q and A in the second half as well which is always really fun because I get to interact with people.

“The audience gets to ask questions but more than that, it usually brings up some really spontaneous hilarity because I never know what they’re going to ask me.

“There’re the usual questions which are great like ‘how did you get started in the business?’ and ‘what’s your favourite sketches and characters that you’ve played?’ but there’s some really random stuff as well like ‘what’s your favourite sandwich?’

“Within the realms of decency, I’m up for being asked anything.”

Karen’s illustrious career has also seen her take on theatre roles both comedic and dramatic.

She is currently playing Mrs Havisham in the Scottish Adaptation of Great Expectations, Nae Expectations, in the Tron Theatre in Glasgow – which finished on Tuesday, November 7.

While she is loving her time in Nae Expectations, Karen misses the “personal” and unique atmosphere of her shows and is keen to get back to touring.

She added: “Right now I’m in a play and that’s brilliant – the place is packed and people are loving it – but I don’t get to talk to folk.

“With this tour I get to see people and I get to connect on a better level – it’s much more personal.

“Doing these shows is one of if not the favourite thing that I do because I don’t need to learn anything and I don’t need to do any work before it cause it’s all my stories.”

Despite not having performed in the town yet, the comedian already hopes to be able to return some time soon.

Tickets for 'An Audience With...' are limited and cost £19.80 with VIP packages – which allow attendees to meet and take a picture with Karen - priced at £29.70.

Tickets are available here: