SPEEDING motorists on the main road between Cardross and Helensburgh are causing concerns for residents, it has been reported.

And a councillor has labelled it “particularly disturbing” if dangerous driving is taking place while pupils are going in and out of Hermitage Academy.

An anonymous constituent has been in touch with councillors for the local area flagging up fears about irresponsible driving on the main road, along with Montrose Street and in the town centre.

The town’s police inspector has pledged to ask officers to monitor driving around those hotspots as and when resources allow.

The discussion took place at a meeting of Argyll and Bute Council’s Helensburgh and Lomond Community Planning Group on Tuesday, November 7.

After police inspector Barry Convery spoke to his already circulated report, Helensburgh Central Labour Councillor Fiona Howard said: “In the last week, all Helensburgh councillors have heard from somebody very concerned about speeding down the road out of Cardross and into Helensburgh.

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“The resident is a pavement user and feels unsafe walking along the road. She also highlighted a lot of dangerous driving on Montrose Street in Helensburgh, and is not the first constituent to have raised the issue.

“We have also been told of speeding and irresponsible driving in the town centre, particularly in evenings. Is there any sort of plan in place?”

Inspector Convery responded: “There are no specific operations in place. We have the road policing department in Dumbarton, which regularly conducts patrols where possible.

“I have directed our local response officers around the locality to various locations to conduct speed checks, and will add that area.”

Councillor Howard added: “It is particularly disturbing when pupils are leaving the academy, or crossing to the supermarket at lunchtime. Other pedestrians are using the road too.”

The inspector said: “We will look into that and will deploy officers as and when we can on that.”

Helensburgh and Lomond South Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Kennedy then confirmed that he had received the same communication from the constituent.