The cast and crew of a Helensburgh production of Sunshine on Leith are celebrating its success and their “magical” time on stage.

Helensburgh Savoy Musical Theatre Group performed the musical in the town’s Victoria Halls from Wednesday, November 8 to Saturday, November 11 and were delighted by the warm reception audiences gave them.

With their highest ticket sales to date the cast were happy to be performing in front of such enthusiastic crowds and most of all, were grateful to have been part of a great team.

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Emily MacGillivray who played Jean said: “Undoubtedly, I love being on stage. I love performing Sunshine on Leith to an eager audience and feeding off their energy.

“But what I really love is working with a committed, talented group of people as we build something special together.

“This process allows us to become so much greater than the sum of our parts.

“Seeing that happen, forming those bonds, being part of that growth - that's totally magical.”

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Director Michael Doyle had a great first experience working with the Helensburgh Savoy.

He said: “It's been great working with this cast and production team, they were so willing to listen and then apply with energy and personal investment.

“They have all pulled together in the final weeks to pull out some amazing performances and provide a visual and aural treat for our audience.

“The ensemble have really shone, they deliver with energy and joy.

“In the principal roles we have unearthed some new talent that combine with established Savoy members that continue to produce professional and memorable performances.

“The audience have also been great, even singing and dancing along with the more well known tunes.”

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While the production raised some challenges, members managed to overcome what was thrown their way and put on a show that left audience members praising the cast for their “amazing performance.”

Group member Pauline Forrest said: “It's been a tricky show to get to grips with but, as usual, the group all pulled together to bring to the stage a performance to be proud of.

“Our opening night audience reaction made all our hard work worthwhile.”

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Member Euan Forrest added: “After months of rehearsing the same jokes again and again in front of the same people, it’s nice to have the reaction of a fresh audience!”

The group would also like to thank the audience members and the Helensburgh community for their support.

The musical contains hit songs by The Proclaimers and follows three interlinked couples as they navigate their relationship troubles.

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The male leads, Ally and Davy, were played by Nathan Press and David McMaster and the female leads, Liz and Yvonne, were played by Marianne Ridland and Louise McCahery.

Also in the principal cast ere Emily MacGillivray and Chris McLaren, who played Jean and Rab Henshaw.

The production - which is the group's biggest of 2023 - was directed by Michael Doyle in his directorial debut with musical direction by Pamela Frew and choreography by Grace Hepworth.

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Next year, the group will celebrate their 40th anniversary and will start rehearsals for their annual Mad About Musicals Spring Concert in January.

The group is welcoming any new members who would wish to join and encourage interested locals to keep an eye on their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for information.

Photographs by Martin Windebank.