A CARDROSS performer is fulfilling one of her dreams as she takes to the stage for the UK tour of hit stage musical Hamilton.

Former Hermitage Academy pupil Honey Joseph, 24, will be part of the ensemble as she plays a character known as the Bullet - who brings death to each person she touches.

Honey spoke to the Advertiser of her delight at the opportunity, which will see her to take to the stage in cities around the UK for her first ever tour, which she embarked on earlier this month and will be on the road with until January 2025.

And Honey isn't the first local link to the smash hit show by Lin-Manuel Miranda - with actor Reuben Joseph, a former pupil of Hermitage Primary School and Hermitage Academy, having played the title role of Alexander Hamilton in London's West End for nearly a year.

Honey told the Advertiser: “I’ve dreamed of being in Hamilton for a very long time so it’s crazy to be doing it now and to be touring with it – it’s mental.

“Usually with tours you move city every week but I like to settle somewhere.

“This is a long stint tour, so we stay in Manchester for four months and we stay in Edinburgh for three - we’re getting to relax in the city and enjoy it.

“Rehearsals were amazing. I was actually doubling up so I was doing Moulin Rouge shows at night and Hamilton rehearsals during the day.

“I was dying and I was exhausted but when that period was over it was really great and I could fully be present in rehearsals.

“I love the show so much so if there was the possibility to stay or do it on the West End then I would be up for that.”

Honey, who studied musical theatre at the prestigious Urdang Academy in London, was part of the ensemble cast of the West End production of Moulin Rouge, for which she is nominated for a West End Wilma Award for Best West End Ensemble Performer.

Specialising in dance, her skills were put to good use during the lively show - which gave Honey her first role in the West End.

Honey added: “There’re kicks and jumping into splits and running around – it’s just so physically demanding but it’s an amazing show and it’s a dancer’s dream.

“I got to cover in that show, so I got play some of the leads and that was my first experience covering which was cool.

“Luckily I’ve been nominated for an award for Moulin Rouge which is really, really amazing because I’ve never been nominated for anything before.”

Voting for the West End Wilma Awards is open until Thursday, November 30 and can be done online: www.westendwilma.com/wilma-awards-2023-shortlist.