EDUCATION inspectors have heaped praise on the work of pupils and staff at Hermitage Primary School in a new report.

Education Scotland rated the school ‘very good’ across both the ‘raising attainment and achievement’ and ‘learning, teaching, and assessment’ categories.

They described the school's pupils as "highly motivated learners" and said they "talk enthusiastically and with pride about their school, the adults who help them and their learning".

The inspectors paid a visit to the school in October and published the results on Tuesday.

Their report said: “In all measures, children’s attainment is above the Argyll and Bute Council average. In almost all measures, children’s attainment is above the national average.

“Overall, most children make very good progress in literacy and English.

“At all stages, almost all children talk with confidence and engage respectfully with peers and adults.

“Overall, most children make very good progress in numeracy and mathematics.

“Children are active participants in the life of the school and wider community. This helps them become responsible citizens and effective contributors.

“Staff have a very good understanding of the context of the school community and track the progress of specific children well.”

The school was lauded for their kind pupils who reflect the school’s values and demonstrate attentiveness and the hard-working staff who connect well with the children in the ‘learning, teaching, and assessment’ category.

The report continued: “Children benefit from the very positive and welcoming learning environment in Hermitage Primary School.

“They demonstrate successfully the school values of kindness and respect and aim to ‘be the best they can be’.

“Support staff provide valuable support to children to help them overcome barriers to learning.

“Teachers carry out a wide range of assessments, including high-quality assessments of children’s work, across the curriculum.

“Teachers and support staff interact very well with children, encouraging them to explore and be creative.”

The school was advised to continue to develop approaches for checking children’s progress across all curriculum areas.

The inspectors also said they were "confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve", and said they would make no further visits in connection with the inspection.

Argyll and Bute Council’s policy lead for education, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly, said: “Hermitage Primary School provides children and young people with a first class educational experience, and it is clear from the inspection findings that staff are providing a strong nurturing experience as well as robust teaching and learning.

"Hermitage is an excellent example of good practice and I would like to congratulate pupils, staff, and parents on their collaborative efforts which have led to this glowing feedback.”

The full report is available here: