Helensburgh campaigners seeking a future for the town's pier will continue to push their idea - despite a council report saying it wasn't viable.

As reported in the Advertiser last week, consultants told Argyll and Bute Council that any proposals for Helensburgh Pier would not make economic sense.

A sub-group of Helensburgh Community Council has been developing an idea to extend the pier with pontoons to allow the return of the Waverley, small vessels and passengers from cruise ships at Greenock.

At HCC's meeting on November 30, committee member Anne Foy, from Destination Helensburgh, said the consultants only focused on direct revenue from the pier.

"That doesn't take into consideration the wider economic benefit," she said. "We are working on a wider business case. Extensive technical work has been done and meetings with stakeholders.

"We really do believe there's a way forward to establish an operational pier.

"We are looking into all the variables."

Councillor Fiona Howard said it would be a "good idea" to get HCC, the Helensburgh Pier Extension Project, which is part of the community council, and the former Helensburgh Seafront Development Project together.

She said that would be so the council "sees it it as one group".

Acting convener Peter Brown said: "I think quite a lot of this is optics."

It was agreed the three groups would coordinate a meeting to plan their next steps.