COUNCIL officials have revealed their preferred location for a new Helensburgh skate park - and it isn't on the site of the old one.

Instead, Helensburgh and Lomond councillors are being asked to agree that officials investigate siting a new facility at Kidston Park.

The park was one of four options under consideration for a new are for skating, scootering and rollerblading in town - along with the East Bay, Hermitage Park and Iona Stables.

A report recommends considering Hermitage Park as a secondary alternative.

The report will go before the council's Helensburgh and Lomond area committee at its meeting on Tuesday, December 12.

The committee is also asked to note that equipment for a temporary skate park, at the site of the previous facility on the waterfront, is being manufactured and will be installed once ready.

Executive director Douglas Hendry said: “Prior to the development of the new Helensburgh Leisure Centre there was a small skatepark at the waterfront which consisted of three pieces of equipment.

“The original skate park (approved in 2008) was specified as a temporary consent to safeguard the long-term redevelopment of the waterfront site and surrounding area.

“The Helensburgh Skatepark Group was keen to maintain and expand this facility and accordingly a planning condition was agreed that the equipment should be reinstated at the waterfront while the group developed their proposals.

“Helensburgh Skatepark Group have aspirations to create a larger skate park to attract visitors from across the country, along with providing much needed facilities for local people.

“However, if a suitable alternative location is not identified, the facility will be incorporated within the waterfront development albeit limited to the previously existing skate park of 350sqm if a commercial development proceeds on the site.

“Officers have been working with the group to identify suitable alternative locations for a new skatepark which would meet their aspirations.

“Ideally, this would be a parkland site to avoid high land values, which is overlooked by passing foot and vehicle traffic creating passive supervision and also not too close to residential areas to limit noise issues.”

Mr Hendry added: “There are a number of potential locations to consider, each with their own benefits and challenges, and officers would now like to concentrate resources on the preferred option of Kidston Park, with Hermitage Park also being explored further.”