Eligible Helensburgh residents can look forward to a financial boost as Winter Heating Payments start to be made this week.

The Winter Heating Payment has replaced the Cold Weather Payment from the Department for Work and Pensions.

It is a £55.05 payment each year, made to around 400,000 people on low-incomes to help with the cost of heating their home.

The majority of people eligible for Winter Heating Payment who were already getting qualifying benefits during the week of November 6-12 will get it automatically, with no need to apply.

It is paid through Social Security Scotland and people will get a letter to let them know they are eligible.

“Winter Heating Payment guarantees that everyone eligible will get  a payment every year, rather than the UK Government approach of requiring the weather being sufficiently cold for a sustained period of time.

“Our annual, reliable payment will support people on low incomes with the costs of heating their homes throughout the winter, we know it is harder for these households to spend more money to heat their homes."

To find out if you are eligible visit bit.ly/WinterHeatingPayment.