Adventurous locals in Cove took the idea of a fresh start to the new year literally as they kicked off 2024 with a 'dook' in the water.

Dozens of people – from just a few months old to 85 - showed up to the annual Cove and Kilcreggan New Year's Day Swim to take a dip in the water at Cove beach on New Year’s Day.

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Community member Veronica Ferguson said: “It’s a small idea that’s grown because of this fun community round here.

“It’s traditional in many countries, so this small gathering soon mushroomed into many local game dippers - many of whom wear only swimsuits.

“We had Lina Harasymiuk at 85 years young right down to tiny babies. The ladies from The Journey Gym and Retreat Scotland joined the celebrations and many more.

“It’s a really positive, healthy way of welcoming in another year, surrounded by community spirit and the best of the Scottish elements.”

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Participants were treated to a warm bonfire, soup made by Ross and Christine Borland Sinclair, and piping by Annie and Harvey Ferguson.

Locals also enjoyed a fireworks display provided by Sandy, a trained pyrotechnic.

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