A FLAT in Rhu that was once home to one of the Helensburgh area's most renowned artists has been put up for sale - and the Advertiser has been given a sneak peek around the jaw-dropping interior.

The late Richard Dawson, who died in September 2021, lived in the three-bedroom upper floor property in Caldwell Place.

And while the property might not immediately catch the eye from a brief look at the exterior, one glance at the inside is enough to confirm that this is no ordinary home.
Helensburgh Advertiser: The interior of Dawson's home truly encompasses his art styleThe interior of Dawson's home truly encompasses his art style (Image: Property Bureau)

The property is being marketed by the Helensburgh office of estate agents Property Bureau - who told the Advertiser that stepping inside the flat is like "stepping into Narnia".

Richard owned a gallery in Helensburgh for almost 30 years; his influences were varied, but included a three-year study of the works of famed Italian painter, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Nearly 10 years ago, Richard told the Advertiser how that study - sparked by watching a documentary on the life of Caravaggio, who had died aged just 38 - had inspired him to create 70 brand new works.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The staircase of the three-bedroom homeThe staircase of the three-bedroom home (Image: Property Bureau)

As these pictures, shared with the Advertiser, show, the interior of the home demonstrates Richard's remarkable talent to maximum effect, and takes you back in time with intricate stone and murals.

Richard's work was varied in his lifetime, but mainly concentrated on small pieces. His large scale works included murals and paint effects, and can be seen in Harrods, Dior and in private residences in the the Channel Islands, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Richard Dawson died in September 2021Richard Dawson died in September 2021 (Image: Property Bureau)

His smaller works adorn the walls of Highland castles and London townhouses.

Slightly closer to home, in 2017 the Advertiser reported how Richard had been commissioned to create a mural on the wall of one of Glasgow's best-known Indian restaurants.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The house has touches of Dawson's style in every roomThe house has touches of Dawson's style in every room (Image: Property Bureau)

He'd originally created the work at the Ashoka West End in Kelvingrove in 1994 - and though it was later painted over in a subsequent refurbishment, when a new operator took on the popular business seven years ago, a series of old photos persuaded them to track down Richard and ask him to paint the 21-foot mural all over again.

At the same time as those works, Dawson was just as comfortable painting Trompe effects or 'pop art' or employing his extensive experience in creating scenic artwork to conjure up imaginative 3D works.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The stairs leading up to the bedrooms The stairs leading up to the bedrooms (Image: Property Bureau)

Property Bureau say that potential buyers "may wish to upgrade the home to a more modern style" - though art enthusiasts might equally appreciate the fascinating decor.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The kitchen even has its own Dawson's touches in the decorThe kitchen even has its own Dawson's touches in the decor (Image: Property Bureau)

Helensburgh Advertiser: This is one of the three bedrooms that the home offersThis is one of the three bedrooms that the home offers (Image: Property Bureau)

The home itself comprises a hallway, living room and kitchen, as well as three double bedrooms and a shower room.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The main bedroom is truly enchantingThe main bedroom is truly enchanting (Image: Property Bureau)

Helensburgh Advertiser: The shower room is upstairsThe shower room is upstairs (Image: Property Bureau)

Further benefits include gas central hearing and a large loft area for storage.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The home has just landed on the local property marketThe home has just landed on the local property market (Image: Property Bureau)

An independent home report has valued the property at £120,000 - while Property Bureau are seeking offers of more than £115,000 for what is one of the most remarkable and unusual homes you'll find not just in Rhu, or the wider Helensburgh area, but anywhere in the west of Scotland.

For more information and a full photographic tour, visit propertybureau.co.uk or call the estate agents on 01436 674537.